Buying a House in Darwin


Jarrett Lawrie Conveyancing

Buying a property is one of the most critical processes you will go through in your life. Whether you're an individual, couple or family, buying a home is a monumental life step. Jarrett Lawrie Conveyancing is so committed to offering outstanding assistance to clients in the Parap, Darwin and nearby regions.

Whether you are buying a small cottage or a huge mansion, you can rely on Jarrett Lawrie to help you throughout the process. From creating or adjusting the initial contract to signing the settlement, our conveyancers will ensure your best interests are looked after during every step. Here is an outline of the conveyancing process and how Jarrett Lawrie will help you with each step:
Step 1: Pre-Purchase
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Before purchasing a property there are a few steps that must be outlined. The first step involves creating or tweaking the purchase contract. Some of our clients ask us to create a contract while others come to us with the outline for a contract. In both instances we do our best to craft or tweak the contract so that it's financially and legally correct and in your interests.

Our conveyancers also liaise with other professionals in the area to conduct inspections and create reports for the property. For instance, pest inspections, land inspections, home foundation reports and other checks must be done before a property is considered safe to purchase. If there is any indication of a problem with one or more of these reports we will help you decide how to proceed.
Step 2: Exchanging Contracts
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With all the pre-purchase steps out of the way it's time to exchange contracts with the other party. There are two copies of the agreement, one going to the purchaser and the other to the seller. These contracts must be signed and dated before they are exchanged. As and when the contracts are signed and transferred, they become legally binding.

One of the unique aspects of Australian property law is the cooling off period that exists after the contract exchange. It consists of five working days and allows both parties a chance to decide if they want to proceed. If there are any last minute issues or hurdles present, Jarrett Lawrie Conveyancing will try to resolve them on your behalf. In most instances, a deposit of 0.25 per cent of the purchase price is required before the cooling off period. If you are buying a home for $100,000, you would have to put down $250. A cooling off period does not exist if you buy a property at an auction.
Step 3: Settlement
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After the cooling off period there are still a few weeks before a settlement is called. These weeks can be used to conduct additional inspections or put together the finances necessary to complete the deal. If everything is in order, Jarrett Lawrie Conveyancing will attend a settlement on your behalf. At the settlement we sign the relevant paperwork, provide the relevant financial documents and secure your ownership of the property. When everything is complete the conveyancer handling your case will call to inform you that it's time to pick up your keys!